Flying to Thailand with Covid-19 and Alternative State Quarantine

by Luna
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Alternative state quarantine Princeton Hotel bangkok garden - Motivational Yoga by Luna

Little did I know how hard it would be to get into Thailand while Covid-19. I mean it feels like this covid has been going on since forever. I wish I prepared myself better so I let me share with you my story about all the things I had to do and the costs. But it was worth it. Now I’m enjoying my time on Koh Samui 😊

Before covid happened I was in Australia and I already planned to go to Thailand in November so I could do my yoga teacher class and also to see my family and friends in Thailand. Online I found a flight from Brisbane to Bangkok but it got canceled and because Australia is super expensive I decided to go back home for a bit.

Back in the Netherlands

While I was at home all my mind would do is think about how much I wanted to go to Thailand. I had no idea that there were repatriation flights from Amsterdam to Bangkok for Thai people stuck in the Netherlands (since I’m half Thai). So because I didn’t know I booked a flight with Emirates since they were the only ones operating with Covid-19 I decided to buy a ticket. I didn’t even read about all the required documents lol. Little impulsive, I know that’s just me.

Needed documents to enter Thailand

So I booked my flight for the 21st of September for 511 euro’s and I received a second e-mail about the required documents for Thai nationals: Certificate of Entry, Alternative state Quarantine, Fit to Fly, and a negative Covid-19 PCR test not older than 72 hours before travel. If you are not a Thai national you must have an insurance to cover medical expenses in Thailand.

1. Certificate of Entry

The only way to get the certificate of entry is by your national Thai embassy. I gave them a call and they told me it takes about a week to get the paper if all submitted documents are correct. Once I submitted my documents it only took three days to get the Certificate of Entry. *before are able to apply for the CEO you must fill in the name of the ASQ hotel where you are planning to stay.

2. Alternative State Quarantine

I found a list with all the alternative state quarantine here. The cheapest I saw was 29,000 bath at Princeton for 16 nights. Since I don’t have a job and paying 767 euro’s just to be stuck in a room, well.. I mean you can easily live with 3000 baths for 15 days in Thailand. This is 10 times more! Without having fun! But yeah, if you have money to blow there are some really nice hotels on the list.

To reserve with Princeton I had to tell them why I was coming and fill in personal details and I had to show my flight ticket. To reserve the booking, they needed my credit card details which they reserved the full amount of 767 euros for a few days. So, no deposit was paid, I just had to pay the full price once I arrived.

It is possible to change the date without extra costs upon 5 days before arrival. This is different for every hotel so please do contact the hotel about their terms.

3. Fit to Fly

5 days before the flight I needed the certificate that I was fit to fly. This is just a useless paper that says if you are fit to fly or not. I mean how can they know? You don’t even get to see a doctor. All you have to do is to answer 4 questions online.

  1. Do you have a fever?
  2. Do you have symptoms of a respiratory?
  3. In which countries did you travel the past 14 days?
  4. Is there anybody near you who is not feeling well?

That’s it! If you don’t know where to get one. You can ask your national Thai embassy where you can get the fit to fly. Mine sent me to Medimare. But probably if you google fit to fly certificate for travel you will find one. The cost of this form was 60 euros.

4. Negative PCR test Covid

The last thing needed before the fun begins is a negative covid test. I actually first took a free test from the government 5 days before leaving. Just so I would know that if I DID had covid I could still change the date for my ASQ without costs.

But this free test doesn’t count because you have to get an official certificate where you can see exactly what time and day you got tested with a stamp. This lovely test only cost me 105 euros.

Total costs: 1443 euro’s one way to Thailand. I was here EXACTLY one year ago on the 15th of October and my one-way ticket only cost me 240 euros. Gosh, what a time. Imagine where I could have spent the 1200 euro’s on.

The day of departure

My flight was from Schiphol airport. I have never seen it so empty as it was now. There was no one in front of me when I had to check-in my baggage. NO ONE. To pass through security only took 5-10 mins. It was unreal. You know, I remember times where the check-in and security took so long I just cried out of sadness worried that I would miss my flight lol.

Arriving in Bangkok

Once arrived in Bangkok they made sure that we walked in one line. Eventually, they had around 30-50 chairs and everyone had to be seated. One by one they checked the documents. Then another check and then we got seated again got a number for our ASQ and had to wait till the first group of 10 seats was gone. After this of course another check and the last check was the security. I picked up my bag from the baggage claim and a van from the Princeton hotel picked me up.

Arriving at the alternative state quarantine hotel

Once arrived at the hotel I had to fill in some forms and show my flight ticket and all of that. They led me to my room on the 9th floor where I saw tables in front of every door. This is where they served the food. There was already food ready for me.

The nurse would contact me through WhatsApp if I had any questions, I could just message her. Twice a day I had to send my temperature.  

my hotel room

Food schedule

Mostly the food was on time but there were some days where it was terrible also most of the time the food is cold. If you want you to order food from the 7-11 which they will bring in front of your door. The cost is 10% surcharge.

Breakfast between 7-8

Lunch between 11-12

Dinner between 5-6

spaghetti with bread

Day 6 of quarantine covid test

After my first negative covid test I was able to reserve 40 minutes to go outside on the 4th floor where there is a garden and a pool. I’m not allowed to swim only to chill outside and get some fresh air. I actually did this once because you still feel locked up. I don’t know, I just didn’t like it because people are watching you and there are cameras everywhere. It was as if I was a prisoner. That’s why I decided to just stay in the room for the rest of the time being.

Day 13 of quarantine covid test

This was the last covid test that I had to do and only three days left before I was able to leave.

Alternative state quarantine bangkok view from 9th floor - Motivational Yoga by Luna

Day 16 the day of FREEDOM

My checkout time was between 6 am and 12 pm. I told them that I wanted to check out at 11 am. Luckily one of my friends in Bangkok picked me up and I spend my first day at Siam and MBK because I needed my basic stuff. I never in my life saw Bangkok and the shopping malls so empty. There were no foreigners only Thai people.

Spending my time in quarantine

If you’re wondering what I did while quarantine I actually did a lot of things. I must admit the first days inside are really tough. And I barely slept the first nights. I was awake till 4 am and then at 7 am the nurse called to the room. Miss, breakfast served. Ugh, I do not miss the sound of that phone ringing. It was terrible.

I finally had time to re-organize like my e-mails, my photos, my blog posts. Gave my website a make-over. Did daily stretching and flexibility. I made new habits. I quit smoking, I quit eating candy, I stopped drinking alcohol. And I’m very proud that I did this. This is why I know how strong the mind actually is. I didn’t even cry ONCE. Normally I’m a cry baby because I’m an HSP.

Though sometimes I thought of how nice it would be to smoke a cigarette and have a glass of wine I actually enjoyed my company. Nothing wrong with it. I’ve been 14 days really productive and 2 days not so.

The best phone apps to complete your life when bored

Balance – is a meditation app and because of COVID-19 you get a year subscription for FREE! I really love this app because it has many different skills to work on like breath focus, awareness, and visualization.

Only available for IOS

Co star – the perfect app for your birth chart. Daily you get a message and some information about what’s good for you that day. Mine says today stop internet-stalking your ex it is over. Yes, I actually was stalking him. It’s over now. Really.

Available for IOS & Playstore

Elevate – all about training your brain. Daily you get three games to play with the free version. The games are to level up your writing, speaking, reading, and math. I thought I would rank the best with writing or reading turns out my performance with math is 81.68% and reading only 46.50% lol. Maybe I should become a math teacher instead?

Available for IOS & Playstore

Labyrinthos – If you are into tarot cards like me and you want a daily reading not forget to learn more about the meaning of tarot cards then this is the perfect app. Also, it shows the most common cards you drew within a month. I mostly drew eights this month and the hermit is my to go card. Which is actually true I feel like a hermit.

Available for IOS & Playstore

Skillshare – Skillshare is a platform where people share their skills through educational videos. No matter what skill you want to learn, they have it. I learned so much from this app. The last course I watched in quarantine was: How to be happier – Stoicism masterclass. This course actually did make me happier straight away.

Available for IOS & Playstore

Visionboard – The name explains itself. It is your one vision board a.k.a mood board. Just google photos of how you want your future to look like and add them to your collage. Before I go to bed I look at the vision board for 10 minutes raising my vibrations. Knowing that this is going to my and only future.

Available for IOS & Playstore

I guess this is enough information for now. I’ll make sure to keep this post updated if there is any information changing around the entry procedure of Thailand, the alternative state quarantine, or anything else related. Leave me a comment if you have any questions!

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