Healing Therapy By Pablo Using Bioenergetic Filters

by Luna
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It’s amazing what kind of people you can meet that make an impact on your life sometimes forever. So, I met Pablo through Work Away and he is a holistic therapist. I heard such good things about him and how healed other people on the Island with flowers. I mean, I never heard of flower therapy probably neither have you. Let me talk you through it.  

Who is Pablo?

Pablo is always smiling and filled with happy energy. He’s a holistic therapist from Spain. A holistic therapist is a person who combines the body, emotions, and energy. Instead of focusing on one department. Most of the problems we have are deeper rooted than we mostly think. The kind of therapies he offers is Swedish massage, flower essence, reiki, bio-resonance filters, biomagnetic pair, and the metamorphic technique. Read his website here if you want to get deeper into it.

Because I met Pablo through work-away and we stayed at the same place we already had stuff to talk about. I’m also this very spiritual type. I had my tarot and oracle cards with me so I did a spread for him. In return he offered me a therapy session. Basically, we traded our skills. I love that!

Bioenergetic filters

The session he did on me was using bioenergetic filters. Now you are wondering what the hell are bioenergetic filters? Yep, I thought exactly the same. Good that Pablo explains it on his website. Bioenergetic filters are vibrational ‘’structures’’ that support and emit a specific energetic quality. The filters are floral essences that are able to give energetic resonance through the filters. Depending on the problem you have you will get the flower filter that fits your energy.

He didn’t even ask any questions and just instantly said (REALLY POWERFUL INTUITION) that I’m overthinking too much, pessimistic and that I’m afraid of my future. His intuition and Kinesiology are so powerful. Without a doubt, I totally agreed yet I didn’t even realize how toxic I was being to myself. I was really talking myself down every day and I didn’t even notice. How crazy.

You know what they say right, the teacher appears when you are ready. The teacher for me is Pablo. He placed the filters on me for 50 minutes. It felt very relaxing and after I already felt the change. Instead of being my enemy in my head, I’m being my best friend. Because I deserve that, anyone deserves that. Why spend your whole life being criticised by yourself? If you can choose to make your ego as if your best friend.

Talking to yourself like you would talk to your best friend. In times of doing something that wasn’t right, instead of blaming yourself accept and forgive yourself. You wouldn’t say to someone you really care about when they made a mistake: YOU STUPID IDIOT HOW COULD YOU DO THAT, ARE YOU DUMB? No! Well, I hope you are not lol. You probably would say; oh well, everyone makes mistakes don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s ok. Just learn from it.

So that’s what I learned and how thankful I am by getting the problems shoved in front of me and instead of acting like they don’t exist to embrace it. Again, I’m getting closer to my essential being. Thank you, Pablo!

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