The 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Best Mat For Hot Yoga

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If you are a certified yogi, then you must know and have even tried hot yoga. This popular type of yoga allows you to perform your yoga poses in high-temperature settings. Doing so actually provides more benefits than non-heated yoga. In order to maximize your hot yoga session, it is essential to find and invest in the best mat for hot yoga.

Hot yoga provides the body with more flexibility required to perform various yoga poses. It also increases sweating, which helps in detoxifying the body. Sweating also burns sweat more effectively. It clears the mind so that you can focus more on your meditation and yoga positions. Bikram is a hot yoga exercise that’s becoming more and more popular for yogis today.

Best Mat for Hot Yoga

Looking for the best mat for hot yoga can be too overwhelming, given the vast array of choices available today. However, opting for an all-cotton mat can prove to be more beneficial. This material absorbs moisture, which is essential when doing hot yoga. Sweat can make a plastic or rubber mat slippery; thus, an absorbent one is your best option.

Motivational Yoga by Luna Stockphoto Yoga MAt girl

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Advantages of Buying the Best Mat for Hot Yoga

If you want your mat to support you rather than get in the way, it would be wise to purchase the best mat for hot yoga. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy the best mat for hot yoga.

1. Provides better grip

The best mat for yoga provides you a better grip. Slipping mats can be troublesome since you need to re-adjust oftentimes. This mat stays in place n matter how much you sweat. Many best mat for hot yoga releases a waxy substance when wet to prevent slipping. Although most mats nowadays include a non-slip feature, they still vary in performance. The mat designed for hot yoga becomes even more, stickier as you sweat. So you can go on with your yoga routine without any trouble.

2. Durable

Durability is also one reason to buy the best mat for hot yoga. A sturdy mat means you can use it longer. It can again endure abuse, which is crucial, primarily when you regularly practice yoga exercises. A cheap mat that rips easily can cost you more money in the long run. A high-quality mat is also generally thicker yet firmer than a regular one. That means more support and cushion for your joints. It also helps with stability, preventing you from being off-balanced.

3. Sweat Absorbent

Hot yoga means bucket and bucket of sweat. The best mat for hot yoga is absorbent enough to prevent sweat from accumulating, leaving the mat slippery. This mat is specially designed to absorb sweat and even leave a waxy compound that helps give a sturdier grip.

4. Easy to Clean

Since hot yoga leaves the mat soaked with sweat, it is important to invest in an easy to clean material. Generally, the best mat for hot yoga is pretty simple to clean. Since it’s mostly made of cotton material, you can wash it like you normally would and use anti-bacterial detergents to ensure you get rid of all bacteria caused by accumulated sweat and dirt. Use a mat cleaner after your yoga class, and deep wash your mats once a week. You also soak your mats in water with vinegar for an even deeper clean.

5. Bacteria-resistant

Accumulated sweat can foster growth of bacteria. Although you try to clean your mats as often, sometimes these microorganisms can still thrive in your yoga mats. Thus, it would be practical to have a bacteria-resistant material. The best mat for hot yoga utilizes bacteria-resistant materials that blocks bacteria from being absorbed into the mat.


The best mat for hot yoga allows yogis to enjoy and perform hot yoga better. A yogi depends on a reliable mat for stability and more flexibility. That’s why finding the best one is as essential as learning your different yoga poses.

Yogis understand the importance of having the right mat for an effective yoga session. This simple device can make or break your exercise. Thus, always keep in mind that investing in the best mat for yoga gives you more benefits and can support you better in your yoga journey.

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