The health benefits of yoga for your mind and body

by Luna
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Have you been practicing yoga? Or maybe you heard about it? Yoga is worldwide known and is healing beautiful souls around the world. Yoga is not for everyone, but since you are here you probably do it or want to start doing yoga. The health benefits of yoga are amazing. I would love to share with you why yoga is good especially since I’m a yoga teacher. First, let me explain more about yoga. If you want to go to the benefits straight away just scroll down!

Where does yoga come from?

So, what is yoga? First of all, everybody has a different view of what yoga is. That is totally fine. In order to find your view on yoga, you must practice yoga. I’m sharing with you my view of what Yoga means to me as a Yoga Teacher. I see yoga as a journey a connection with yourself. This journey leads to different paths of yoga. In Sanskrit yoga means “yug,” which literally means to yoke or unite. By connecting or should I say uniting your body and mind you may experience balance, stillness, and power. Now that I’m older I understand how important it is to become one with yourself.

An important thing about yoga is becoming aware of who and where we are in that moment instead of living in the past or the future. Therefore, the benefits of yoga are very good for human health. Studies have shown us that when people live too much in the past, they get depressed, and whenever people live too much in the future, they get anxiety.

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Yoga is a way of life and not just a movement.

What are the health benefits of yoga?

  1. Improves your mental health with mindfulness

Yoga is good for improving your mental health because it aces the mind away from stress and overthinking. We know that we have to deal with stress on a daily basis. Stress comes in many types of disguises. You may feel stressed because you forgot your lunch at home even when you told yourself not to forget it. Or you see that you got a missed call from your boss and all kinds of scenarios pop up into your head. But this is the stress that we can easily overcome.

Because yoga helps you to learn to live in the moment (mindfulness), focusing on what’s happening now with every movement that you do. This way of mindfulness is easy to apply when you are feeling stressed. This will help you to stop overthinking scenarios and will improve your mental health. Anytime you feel stressed just go back to your breath to come back to the here and now. This will make it impossible to think about getting fired by your boss.

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2. Better sleep at night

Why you can better sleep at night because of yoga has all to do with improving your mental health. When you do a yoga class it will help you to relax. If you practice focusing on your breath or doing meditation before you go to bed you will more easily fall asleep. For me if I put on a guided meditation in bed I swear, I do not lie, I fall asleep within 5 minutes. And as you know the better you sleep, the less cranky you are in the morning, the happier your boyfriend will be.

3. Helps you lose weight

Yes, yoga can help you to lose weight. By doing classes like Hot Yoga or Vinyasa you will definitely burn between 400 up to 600 calories depending on your age, body weight, and length. But even by doing other kinds of yoga, you can lose weight. The more yoga I did the more I realized how important the health of my body is. And I understand it’s bad if I keep feeding it unhealthy things. Now I’m not saying that I never eat a slice of birthday cake or a bag of chips. But balance baby.

The more I take care of my body the longer I will be able to enjoy yoga. So, when I’m in the supermarket and I see all these appetizing foods I think twice before buying it. Really asking myself do I actually want to eat this or am I filling some kind of void? Especially as a yoga teacher, I want to give the right example that balance is key.

4. Improves body posture

Ever since we are young, we know our parents always call-out on our body posture. I can still hear my mom saying: ‘’sit straight!’’. But now our body posture is more important than ever because of technology. Children nowadays basically grow up with a phone almost glued to their hands.

Studies showed that sitting up straight is not only good for your posture but it also gives you more confidence. This is where yoga comes in to help you with your posture. It’s a win-win! There are several yoga poses that help you gently strengthen your muscles in your back and abdominal muscles, improving your posture.

5. Helps you to balance

Just like there are poses for a better body posture there are poses for a better balance. You might think but why would it matter if I’m good at balance? When you practice balance in yoga you become more focused, less stressed, and better grounded. When you can control balance, you will be able to control more of life. And when your life is in balance, you are in balance and that equals a happy life.  

6. Improves your flexibility

Now yoga also improves your flexibility with different kinds of poses. If you are really focused on flexibility, I would recommend Yin Yoga. I must say a class of Yin Yoga is slow-paced, there are 6 to 8 poses you do within an hour. These poses are held between three to five minutes which will help you to stretch more. It’s because you are targeting and slowly giving your muscles space to move and elongate.

I love how much more flexible I’m because of Yoga. Believe me, I was not flexible but the more I practiced the easier it got. Being flexible not only makes me feel better but also helped with my confidence.

7. Become stronger

Even know yoga is not like weight-lifting it still will make you stronger. And not to forget to talk about how it mentally makes you stronger as well. Now, instead of using barbels as weight, with yoga, you use your own body as weight. This can be incredibly challenging. As a result, your muscles will become stronger. Your body will become more toned. I mean can you do push-ups and pull-ups with your own weight? For me, it is a combination of weight-lifting and yoga to be honest I can actually do a lot of push-ups and a few pull-ups which I am SUPER proud of. Believe me, you can achieve this too!

8. Reliefs you from pain

Studies show that yoga helps to relieve you from pain. Especially for people with arthritis, migraine, back pain, and many other types of pain, and this is based on a weekly yoga class. When your body is injured, I would recommend doing a slow-paced class. Don’t forget to mention to your yoga teacher if you have any problems! When we know it’s easier for us to help you to find the right pose. Don’t forget that it’s different for everyone for how long it may take to feel any changes. We have to respect that everybody is different.

9. Improves your digestion

And again, yoga is good to help you improve your digestive system. A healthy digestive is important for us because this system helps us to get rid of body wastes and toxins. Remember that the way you live your life whether it’s healthy or unhealthy it influences the digestive system. If you are 1 out of 4 people in the world who struggle with their digestive just like me, yoga may help you a lot. The reason why yoga is good for your digestion is that it can relieve some digestive problems, like constipation, gas, and stomach pain. It depends on the pose of how it may help you.

So, yoga definitely benefits your health probably in more ways than you thought. Leave a comment behind how yoga benefits your health!

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