The middle way meditation by Buddha explained

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I’ve been at the international meditation center at Koh Samui learning about meditation and the teachings of Buddha. Here is where I discovered the middle way meditation. A meditation I’ve never heard before but yet has been known for over 1,500 years. This is the way how Lord Buddha found his inner peace.

Two weeks I planned to stay at the center to learn as much as I can. Within these two weeks I practiced the ‘’Middle way meditation’’ everyday an hour at five in the morning and an hour at six in the evening. But I will be honest there were some days where I overslept still human, I mean common five in the morning is pretty early.

The meditation we practice is always “The Middle Way”

What is the middle way meditation?

The middle way meditation is the meditation to inner peace and happiness. This technique is more than 1,500 years old and is now worldwide known because of the Lord Buddha.

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Steps of the Middle Way Meditation

You begin with this meditation by staying in a place where you can sit in stillness without being disturbed. you have to get into the position of “sabai” this in Thai means good/relaxed.

Step 1

To get in this position we sit on the floor with our legs in the lotus position. It’s also possible to do this on a chair. What is very important about the “sabai” is that you make yourself feel comfortable because you want to hold the position for an hour to achieve as much as you can from this meditation.

This is quite hard because your body is at the beginning not used to sitting in the same position for an hour so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t do it. I mean I fall asleep about 10 times the first two times I meditated with the monks. Believe me, I had wild and vivid dreams within this hour.

Step 2

Now that you made yourself feel sabai you put your right hand on top of your left hand with your right index finger touching your left thumb the rest of the fingers should be relaxed.

Step 3

Before we close our eyes to meditate, I want you to visualize a crystal-clear ball two fingers above our navel. Imagine that our body is an empty space and all you have to do is focus on the center of your body and see the crystal-clear ball.

This can be very hard if you are not experienced in meditation because you can get easily distracted because the mind wanders. This is totally normal! Let your mind be light without the pressure of meditation let it flow effortlessly.

But if you find it to hard to focus on the ball say this mantra in your head “Samma-Arahang”. Samma means right and Arahang means to purify the mind. This mantra refers to enlightenment.

If you can’t do this you can also listen to the Samma-Arahang mantra on Youtube click here

Step 4

Now that you know what to do you may close your eyes in stillness practice first for 10 minutes and build your way up. The best is if you can do up to an hour but with no pressure. It shouldn’t feel forced.

I recommend not to use a timer and just go by the way the body feels, we are unable to reach inner peace if we are fighting to get there. The true inner peace comes without effort my angels <3

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