Top 3 Thai food restaurants in Amsterdam for the best food

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Ps. if you want to skip my awesome story because you really want to know what the best Thai food restaurants in Amsterdam are just scroll down.

All I know is rice

Ok, this is going to be really cool because I’m half Thai and half-Dutch. My mom cooked Thai food for me ever since I was a little baby. Basically, all I know is rice, more rice, and sometimes noodles.

Every time my friends came over and they tasted the food of my mom they are like WOW, this tastes not at all like the food from Thai restaurants. So believe if I say that I do know what good Thai food tastes like. A big plus for me is that my mom teaches me how to make this amazing Thai food. Hopefully one day my kids will enjoy this a lot too. I mean they better because they have no choice :).


Thailand is the place to be

I mean I freaking love Thailand. The food, the sun, the people just kind of everything and no not only because it’s my second home. I have traveled to a lot of places in Thailand and yes I have a lot of recommendations for food and spots.

So yeah, I’m actually allowed to judge whether it’s good and real Thai food or it’s just a European invention. Omg ok so here we go:

Top 3 Thai food restaurants in Amsterdam

  1. Som Tam 5/5

Som tam is my favorite spot in Amsterdam it’s in the Jordaan. It’s a little hidden gem because there is not a lot of places to sit there it’s kinda small. Hopefully, you can eat your food inside and it’s nice to sit there too the environment is really Thai and they play Thai music. (I know you don’t really care about this information but anyways).

But wow the food is authentic Thai and I can ensure you that there are Thai people in the kitchen who make these lovely dishes.

My favorite dish that I always order is 16) Kui Tiau Nam Neua it’s Thai thick noodle soup with beef & vegetables. This dish they almost don’t have it at any kind of Thai restaurant in the Netherlands. This is quite special. I mean you can buy this everywhere in Thailand. But here? No. 

The prices for a regular dish are between 11,50 – 20,50 euros.

The Som Tam they serve is so amazing they even named their restaurant after this dish. This is also a dish you don’t see being served a lot. It’s normally always fried rice, fried noodles, curry, and soup with coconut milk.

       2. Thai tiger (halal) 4/5

Thai tiger is a restaurant in Oost and they do have a lot of space to sit inside and outside. I have some Muslim friends and they can only eat halal so this is the number one spot for them if we want to eat Thai food. The waiters are really friendly and always want to help when you’re unsure what you want.

Order some pangsit for starters it’s marined chicken fried in wonton sheets. I do recommend it!

The prices for a regular dish are between 14 – 23 euros.

       3. Songkran 4/5

Songkran is in de Jordaan just like Som Tam. It’s a nice place to eat and they do have a few seats outside. The owner actually serves everything on his own! I mean, the food is tasty, there is not more to miss.

The prices for a regular dish are between 12 – 22 euros.

The restaurant is named after the traditional Thai new year festival which is called Songkran and it literally means to pass. And no, this is not on the 31st of December it’s in the mid of April. This is one crazy water festival and believe me I do NOT like it and I repeat NOT. Unless you enjoy being soaking wet the whole day this is your place to go! They literally throw water on you every corner you walk doesn’t matter who, where or what you are. You can’t escape this when you are in Thailand at that time of the year.

Leave me a comment if you’ve been to one of them, or what your top Thai food restaurants in Amsterdam are!

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