What is yoga and where does it come from?

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I would love for everyone to know where yoga comes from and understand what it is. Even though everyone has a different view on what yoga really is. I would love to share with you the information I have gathered over the years to explain to you yoga in the best way I can with all the love from my heart.

Where does yoga come from?

Yoga comes from India, originated from Hinduism. This five thousand years ago a lot of researchers suspect that it’s been way longer than that but there is no hard evidence. In Sanskrit which is the old language of India yoga means “yug,” which literally means to yoke or unite.

When we understand that when we unite our minds and body, we are one. This is what it’s about. Instead of only living from the mind and doing our daily things on autopilot while our body is following us where ever the mind goes. We take the time to stop our minds from going on and let our bodies control the movement. You feel, and you know when they work together.

To be honest it can be so exhausting to keep thinking about what happened three years ago and within seconds you are suddenly worried about where you are going to live within three years but yet nothing has changed you are still in the now moment. I used to have this a lot, thinking about mistakes from the past. Things I can’t do anything about. Silly isn’t it.

What is yoga?

Yoga has become really popular since the 20th century. It is hard to not know about the yogi’s exitances. When we really focus on what yoga is, is actually really hard because everyone has a different view and opinion about it. There is not just one practice there are many different forms all depending on what you want to achieve in a class.

From my point of view as I said before it’s finding the connection with body and mind with body postures, breathing, and an empty mind. Yoga works in a beautiful way. Especially now with the pandemic, it is a hectic time that causes disbalance between body and mind. Thinking predominates so that you often do not receive signals from your body. Through yoga, you become closer with yourself as yogis say ‘unite’ so that you can take better care of yourself.

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What yoga is not

  • Good to know is that it’s not a religion, but a philosophy about spiritual development. Understanding who you are and with this practice comes many health benefits.
  • Yoga is not a sport because yoga is not competitive but it does improve your strength and endurance.
  • It’s not about being flexible or looking good, the true purpose is to ‘unite’ the body and the mind while using the breath well known as mindfulness.  

Espacially now during the pandemic people prefer to do yoga classes from home.

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